pic01_pig_tablePost globalisation India has seen a rapid rise in consumerism with a fading out of taboos, especially in the urban spheres. And this has influenced people’s food preferences too. Consumption and demand for pig meat is on the rise and pig farms are being promoted both for small scale and large scale farmers. In the present situation, the small scale semi-intensive farms are bad enough in terms of housing, treatment and transport. Most pigs are confined within concrete housings for their lives and hygienic conditions are pathetic. Pigs are transported by tieing their four feet together and stacking them like sacks one above the other, sometimes 40 pigs in a small truck. The pigs then face a horrible slaughter where a red hot iron rod is driven through their body. And now, foreign companies are all set to open factory farms for pigs in Idia (read here).

Factory farming, in the west, involves gross violation of rights of the living animals.This is how pigs are farmed there:

  • The sow (mother pig) is confined in a tiny box called a gestation crate or a sow crate.
  • Piglets are mutiliated (castrated, teeth pulled out, and tail docked) without anaesthesia, painkillers or minimum sympathy.
  • Pigs face horrible slaughter methods.


Did You Know?

wild_boarPigs have descended from wild boars found in parts of Europe and Asia. They are omnivorous and feed on both plants and small animals which they find by foraging and digging the forest soil. They have a natural tendency to wallow (take mud baths) in order to cool off or get rid of parasites. But the pigs farmed for our consumption never get a chance to do all these. They are forced to live in utterly unhealthy conditions.

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