Apart from cows and chickens, many other animals are farmed for their food and fibre . They often suffer the same fate as their counterparts. Read on to know more. 

Aquaculture and fish farms are growing at an alarming rate today. In 1970s only 5% of the fish we ate were grown in farms. Now, it is 50%. Stocked at high density, the mortality rate of these fish is often high.

Consumption and demand for pig meat is on the rise and pig farms are being promoted both for small scale and large scale farmers.Most pigs are confined within concrete housings for their lives and hygienic conditions are pathetic. Transported by tieing their four feet together and stacking them like sacks one above the other, their conditions are both cruel and illegal.

The condition with goat and sheep is not much better. Often, nursing mothers or young lambs only a few months old are taken for slaughter in terrifying conditions.Furthermore, the government agricultural bodies are promoting farmers to move towards intensive goat and sheep farming.’

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Goat and Sheep

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