India is full of people who do not want to harm animals and have thus adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. We can play an active role in bringing to light the truth behind the production of dairy and dairy products and just how our health suffers from it for these people.


Here are a few good questions to spread awareness regarding the harms of dairying to an audience at large.

1) Animal feed:- Does he take them out grazing? If you live in a thriving city, chances are there is no land available for grazing nearby. The cow/buffalo may be let loose, binging on plastic waste all day, and being milked morning and evening. This is a great indicator of what milk is really made up of and the lack of food control at dairy farms.

2) Number of animals kept:- This number should ideally be followed by how much space you have (or how much space does each animal has) and how many people are there to take care of the cows etc. Usually animals are kept in intensively confined spaces, often standing in their own dung or urine for hours on end.

3) Waste management:-  Animals are capable of producing a lot of dung! Many  farmers have no systems of waste management and just let it flow into the water, polluting the supply.

4) Non-theraputic medication:- Cows and buffaloes are often given Oxytocin,  an illegal hormone which is harmful for the animals as well the consumers of milk. Educate them against the use of this illegal hormone.

5) Registration of premises:- Currently any dairy housing more than 5 animals needs to be registered. Ask for the registration certificate!

6) Length of stay:- A dairy cow in healthy happy conditions ordinarily lives for around 20 years. Lactation periods can differ for animals; however, a shorter lifespan (say, 3 or 4 years) is usually a sign of poor living conditions.

7) What happens to the male calves:-Milk is a by-product of birth, the essential support for the calves. In factory and most dairying male calves are often starved to death, and are usually sold for slaughter.

8) Hygiene:-Unsanitary premises can lead to Mastitis, which results in more pus in your milk!

These facts should go a long way in helping raise awareness about the harms of milk,and urging people to try and take up a vegan lifestyle.

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