A highly intelligent species,  and with both ,high domestic production and consumption ; chickens are one of the most abused species in India.


Chickens are capable of communicating with their children before their birth and vocalizing multiple sounds to care.

Sadly, the current Indian meat scene is a sorry one.

1. Over 90% of chickens raised for meat (called Broilers) in India are raised on industrialized factory farms.

2. Approximately 180 crore chickens are raised for meat in these factory farm conditions every year. Chicken meat consumption is growing in India at over 15% per year.

3. The poultry industry forces chickens to live in huge sheds with tens of thousands of other chickens. A typical facility may house 300,000 birds at a time with 40,000-60,000 birds per shed. Each contracted ‘grower’ may grow several million birds annually for the large companies.

4. Chickens live on the ground of the shed on litter (wood shavings, rice hulls etc) mixed with faeces from previous generations.

5. Broiler chickens have been selectively bred by animal scientists to grow muscle mass extremely fast. Their muscle growth far outpaces the development of their skeletal system and internal organs- as a result their skeletal and organ systems simply cannot keep up with the unnaturally large muscles.

6. Some birds become so lame they are unable to walk to food and water and die of starvation or dehydration.

7. Mortality rates of broiler chickens, for example, are up to seven times that of chickens not bred for fast growth.

8. Faeces decomposition generates several irritating chemicals, including hydrogen sulphide, methane, and ammonia. The high level of these chemicals lead to a host of painful conditions for the chickens including burns on the skin and in the respiratory system, eye lesions, lung congestion, footpad dermatitis, swelling, and haemorrhage.

9. The poultry industry takes the chickens to slaughter when they are only about 6 weeks old. At this time, the birds will weigh about 2kg.

10. The chickens are roughly picked up by their legs and crammed into cages to be transported to chicken shops and slaughter. Humane handling is impossible because catchers are required to handle 300-500 birds per hour. Many of the birds already have painful conditions and this process exacerbates their pain.

11. Often animals are killed within sight of one another, using either Halal method, which involves cutting the animal’s throat and leaving the animal to bleed out or Jhatka, where they are beheaded.

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