Common facts about the egg production industry in India. 

1.90% of all egg-laying hens used for commercial egg production are raised on factory farms where they are kept in small wire cages called “battery cages.” Five to ten are kept in each cage so that each bird has less space than a single A4 size piece of paper. Approximately 18 crore hens are kept in these conditions in India.

2.Hens reared in factory farms cannot engage in natural behaviour such as nesting, dust bathing, preening, stretching, wing flapping, perching and roosting, scratching and foraging and exploring.

3.Chickens destined for the egg industry are artificially incubated and hatched by the thousands at commercial hatcheries. They never see their mothers.

4.Useless to the egg industry, male chicks are customarily killed upon hatching using an electrified kill plate or a purpose-built macerator, in which they are ground up while alive. Crores of male chicks are killed in this manner every year.

5.A common practice at poultry farms is that of ‘forced moulting’, wherein all feed is withheld for about 12 days and water for about 1-2 days. This procedure causes birds to ‘moult’, which makes them ready to lay more eggs. This extremely stressful procedure makes hens highly susceptible to Salmonella infection which poses a serious health risk to end consumers.

6.Another inhumane practice is that of ‘beak trimming’, where the sensitive, nerve-filled end of each bird’s beak is seared off with a hot blade when she is a young chick. No painkillers are given for this procedure.

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