Living in conditions where simple things that we often take for granted – fresh air, sunlight,freedom to move -are denied to millions to satiate human desires. Read on to see what’s terribly wrong with the way we raise our animals. 

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Live free from cruelty to animals

Humanity has believed for ages now that animals are ours to use and abuse. As such conditions under which these animals are kept have deteriorated drastically.

Today, simple activities that we take for granted – freedom to move, to breathe fresh air, to enjoy sunlight — are denied to millions every day. Animals in farms are often treated as mere units in a production line, to be kept as long as they give ‘profitable output’ in the form of dairy, eggs, meat or leather.

Milk production is part of the pregnancy and birth cycle. Cows do not produce milk without pregnancy, and dairy cows are impregnated—often against their will—every single year so that they lactate for 7 months.

The cows’ newly born calves are often snatched away at day one, and usually the male calves are slaughtered within a few hours or days following extreme emotional trauma of being separated from their mothers. The cows too bellow in frustration and yearning for their calves.

Egg laying hens are raised in intensively confined cages called “battery cages.” Most chickens raised in India are provided less space their whole lives than an A4 size sheet of paper.

The chickens raised for meat are pumped with growth hormones to accelerate weight gain. This causes unnatural growth which strains and cripples their skeletal systems. The average breast of an 8-week-old chicken is seven times heavier today than it was 25 years ago.

Living Free(FIAPO) advocates for an end to the use of animals for food or fibre. Animals exist for their own purposes and should not be bred, confined, milked, killed, sheared or in any way exploited for human consumption.

Help take these animals from farm to freedom– give up  animal products today.

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