While being a vegetarian may be much simpler in India than abroad, being vegan may pose a few worries to the vegan traveler or diner. Thankfully, today we live in times where alternatives are plenty and easily available. 

vegan options
Quick Fixes

Cow’s Milk :- As is true elsewhere in the world, cow’s milk can  easily be replaced by a variety of other cruelty free milks! Try Soy milk, rice milk, bran milk, oatmeal milk, peanut milk and almond milk for a new burst of flavour! The most commonly available soy milk is Sofit, followed by SoyFresh. Another great option is Staeta SoyMilk, that comes in many interesting flavours. Most market places will keep one or the other.  These milks offer easy replacements for a morning cup of tea, to condensed deserts such as Kheer. However, most plant based milks are really easy to make at home! Keep an eye on our recipes section for more on that!

Ice Creams
With an increased awareness regarding harmful effects milk and milk products, dairy free ice creams are coming up in various parts of the country. The White Cub makes only dairy free ice creams while other places like Lean Chef have dairy free options.  Ice candies are however, completely vegan and can be enjoyed guilt free!


Whilst unheard of, India has more than 45 organic and non-animal tested brands! It’s best to check their ingredients to ensure that these are completely cruelty free! Find them here.


Modern day and technology have rendered leather to be used to a bare minimum. Most products now a days are made with PU (polyurethane) leather. To be sure of what you’re buying select brands like Baggit and Senso Vegetarian shoes. Another brand to consider is Ecowings, that has recently entered the market with vegan leather.

Cruelty Free Food

Living a life free of cruelty is great for human health, for the environment and especially for animals! Compiled below are a list of cruelty free resources covering  vegan recipes from various Indian websites!

Plant based food is not only nutrient rich but better for your health too. For plant based recipes, Check the following links!

vegan food
Sharan India
For an exhaustive list of meat and dairy alternatives ranging from almond  and soy milk, non-dairy cheese recipes to options for breakfast, drinks and more, this page is a heaven for vegans!

Holy Cow Vegan Recipes

This page talks about substitutes in everyday cooking alongwith recipes for authentic indian foods such as dals, rice and more! Check out the vibrant section on vegan desserts while you’re there!

Vegan Cookbook 










This book and the page offers to us healthy vegan alternatives to everyday cooking! Recipes here are oil, sugar, gluten and dairy free! While the market price for the book is Rs. 895/-, the same can be purchased from the FIAPO office for the nominal price of Rs. 600/- plus shipping. Write to us at mail@fiapo.org for more information.

Manjula’s Kitchen

A long time famous website for all things vegetarian, she’s recently introduced a new section that only talks about vegan cooking.

Vegan Richa

This website is best known for its variety and layout and the simplicity with which recipes are presented. There is a healthy mix of Asian cuisine with room to learn about baking breads, tossing salads and more!

Beauty without Cruelty

Some tested and tasted, healthy and delicious vegan recipes! 

Other Cruelty free products

Vegan Cosmetics


50 cruelty free brands made in India

A delightful compilation of brands with their website links that are all cruelty free and Indian! General brands that make the cut include:-

Sattvik Organics – http://www.sattvikorganics.com/

Vedic Line – http://www.vedicline.com/

Rustic Art – http://rusticart.in/

Soul Flower – http://www.soulflower.biz/

BioBliss – http://bioblisscowproducts.com/

SoulTree http://soultree.in/

Vegan India – Vegan Cosmetics

Another blogger with a wonderful list of vegan cosmetics. A long time resource, this offers a good compilation of some of the older products that have always been vegan!

Products for a clean home

Krya offers a wide range of products , that they proudly market as sustainable, cruelty free and vegan! Check out their website for dish wash detergents, mosquito repellents and more.

Other Cruelty Free Products

Hyderabad Vegans – Practical Tips for Vegan Living

A general  article on suggestions for a smooth shift,  along with a list of options ranging from soy milk powder, to sweets and chocolates, this page offers a mixed variety of options.

Vegan Products – SHARAN

From home cleaners to health care products, and clothing to biscuits, this page is a directory of links for all resources for a vegan lifestyle.

Cruelty Free Restaurants

Most Indian food are prepared from plant based ingredients and dairy products like butter or ghee are added for flavouring. You can easily convert these vegetarian food into cruelty free food by asking the restaurant staff not to add any milk product in your dish.Paneer based food items can be cooked easily using tofu which is cruelty free.

There are also cruelty free restaurants and catering units in almost every city in India. .
For an exhaustive list please visit the following pages:-


HAPPY COW                             SHARAN India.

If you’d like to know more about cruelty free substitutes, write to us at mail@fiapo.org today!

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