vegan celebrities

When propagating veganism to an unaware audience, citing names and instances of people who have also chosen cruelty free lifestyle may go a long way in convincing people of the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Politicians, movie stars, sportsman and individuals from practically every field have taken an ethical stand against animal use and abuse.
Some of the famous vegans of our times include:-

Bryan Adams:- The all-time favourite singer-songwriter has been vegan since 1989. He believes and lives the motto of ‘If you love them, don’t kill them!’

Mayim Bailik :- The famous star of the ‘Big Bang Theory’ is a big fan of ecology and is a practicing Vegan!

Bill Clinton:-The 42nd President of the United States adopted a vegan diet in 2010 after undergoing a Bypass surgery. He now claims to be healthier and more energetic!

Mike Tyson:- Mike Tyson too, turned vegan in 2010, and has since lost a staggering 100 pounds!

Ellen De Generes:- One of the most vocal celebrities and proponents of Veganism, she even runs her blog ‘ Going vegan with Ellen’ . She, alongwith Natalie Portman, had a change of heart after reading and viewing countless literatures on the cruelty in the animal product industry.

Jacqueline Fernandez :-  Former Miss Srilanka and Bollywood star Jacqueline Fernandez also decided to go Vegan in 2013, and says she’s never felt better since!

Ayesha Takia Azmi: Another personage from the Bollywood community who went vegan in 2014 is Ayesha Takia Azmi.

Al Gore:- Joining Bill Clinton is politician, advocate ,philanthropist and former Vice president of the United States Al Gore

Brad Pitt:- An ardent animal rights activist, Brad Pitt strongly believes in veganism owing to the irreparable damage it does to our environment.

Carl Lewis :- A long time sprinter athelete, Carl Lewis adopted a vegan lifestyle in 1990!

Many others besides these few, have also adopted a vegan lifestyle. For a more detailed list of vegans, click here.

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