Want to conduct outreach but paused for funds? Apply for ‘Small Grants’ under our Living Free programme!

small grants

This page outlines the criteria and procedures for applying for a Small Grants from FIAPO for supporting outreach activities in India. It is important that you go through the page and comprehend it before applying. Applications that do not follow these guidelines or do not fit the application criteria are rejected. You can only apply for Small Grants twice a month. Applications take a processing time of maximum 10 days from receipt.

What Sorts of Projects are Generally Funded?

1. Small Grants are given to grassroots groups to conduct outreach to a target audience of youth. This includes leaflet distribution, arranging film shows, discussions, tabling/stall events, vegan festivals and institutional talks. Other outreach suggestions are also welcome.
2. Projects must focus on the rights of animals.
3.Small Grants will cover only the direct expenses made for outreach, which include, but are not limited to, the following :-


Print and Photocopy

Stationery (Paperboards, Markers, Adhesives, Gums etc…)

Hiring a Venue

Leaflets and other material for outreach which is provided in kind by FIAPO

An itemised budget has to be submitted before applying.

4. A utilisation report with copies of relevant bills/supporting documents to be sent to FIAPO after the outreach event/events.

5. Applications are accepted from all organisations and individuals but a strong preference will be given to applications from FIAPO Community Leaders. (To know more about becoming a FIAPO Community Leader,  check out this link or write to mail@fiapo.org)

6. FIAPO Small Grants are designed to support small-scale projects, rather than providing a small amount of funding for a large-scale project.

7. FIAPO Small Grants’ scope of interest is for the rights of farm animals through focused campaigns. The work must be focused to generate long-lasting and practical awareness outcomes on the ground, with mass awareness/involvement being very important.

8.Due to finite resources FIAPO can only award grants to a few applications. There needs to be a strong emphasis on community level awareness work with clear measurable outcomes. Moreover, the judging panel will scrutinize how any application sits within our criteria. Typical awards range from Rs.500-2000, with a maximum of Rs. 3000 for any one outreach event.

9.Applications for amounts larger than Rs 3000 are only applicable to larger events like vegan festivals and applicants are encouraged to seek advice from regional FIAPO staff before applying.

10. Grant applications will only be accepted prior to the event.

If you’re interested in applying fill out the application form given here.

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