• Leafleting – and how it works !

Outreach and grassroots campaigning can be done in a variety of different ways ranging from fun and interesting activities, to more dark and somber approaches to drive the message through.

For any outreach however, there are certain tricks of the trade that can always be helpful! Browse these columns for vital information you must have to some simple tips to help you through a busy day


  1. Informational sheets 
    A simple and interesting read on facts and figures about the animal industry in general. This will go a long way in prepping you for a good seminar or a leafleting session!
  2. Effective Outreach
    Planning effective outreach is no easy task! Look at this guide for various methods of outreach, and choose one basis your requirement!
  3. Volunteerism and tips
    The strength of the Living Free programme lies in its leaders and volunteers. This page helps understand the nuances of volunteering to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved!
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
    While conducting outreach, people come up with all sorts of queries, right from basics such as ‘What is veganism’, to arguments such as ‘killing animals is our right!’ . Read through this list to have an answer ready for these queries!

To make reaching out easier than ever, we’ve started giving out various kits for outreach.

1) Stall Kit :- If you’re a regular at colleges, or street events, this one stop kit is for you! Just pick it up and head out now!

2) Leafleting Kit :- Different messaging works for different people – the message of veganism , general animal cruelty, farmed animal exploitation and more are covered in our leafleting kit that allows you to make you choice based on your city!

3) Video Kit :-  If the opportunity to expose people to the ‘bigger picture’ excites you, this kit is for you! Containing videos, headsets and more – it ensures a smooth experience planning a small movie screening  event.

These kits are all available for free with us for now! Order them as per your requirement by simply writing at mail@fiapo.org.

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