Modern farming has a catastrophic effect on our environment. It  accelerates high energy consumption, global warming, water pollution and depletion,  and loss of habitat conservation. 

impact on environment

Intensively confining animals in one place means large amounts of waste is concentrated and hence toxic to ground water, rivers and streams, and surface plant and animal life.

Dairy farms across the world are important contributors to pollution and global warming. United Nations FAO figures show that the dairy sector emitted 1,969 million tonnes CO2-eq [±26 percent] of which 1,328 million tonnes is attributed to milk production. This happens because of a process known as enteric fermentation, during which cows produce copious amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas roughly 20-24 times more potent that carbon dioxide.

As a country, India holds 16% of the world’s population while owning only 4% of the world’s water resources. The process of milk production is one that requires huge amounts of water. An animal producing 10 litres of milk a day would directly consume about 100 litres of water. The total amount of water required to make one litre of milk is estimated to be around 1020 litres!

Similarly, 1 kg of chicken requires approximately 3546 litres of water, and one egg alone requires around 200 litres of water! Clearly, water is becoming a fast depleting source in places with intensive farming.

To know more about how factory farming impacts our world click on the heads below:-

1) Deforestation and wildlife
2) Pollution
3) Global Warming
4) Other dangers

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