With Living Free, we believe in creating a movement to motivate a monumental shift in how the average consumer thinks and behaves with regards to what we eat, wear or carry. In a country where numbers and large and animal product consumption is ever rising, we aim to sweep the country in a wave of animal rights and conscious food choices.
With this very idea in mind, we created a tool to reach out to the masses and inspire change! This then led to the genesis of our National Campaigns!

National campaigns run across many cities in India celebrating a particular theme of animal rights! They’re our fuel for creative outreach and engagement! Over the past one year, we’ve run many innovative, fun and most importantly, efficient campaigns that are colored with variety, innovation and good outreach!

National Campaigns

Day of Living Free, 12th April, 2015

Marking the completion of one full year of running living free in a 11159454_10153092846421743_1393757315369098182_nfederative model – the Day of Living Free was a huge success! The idea behind the campaign was to use art as a means to spread the message of a cruelty free lifestyle. Aptly titled ‘Free your Imagination’ – the campaign saw participation from 15 cities reaching out to 4000 people!  Activities such as Street Art Graffiti, painting competitions in schools, making paper puppets, and much more took place across the country! An exciting social media campaign was also run, helping unravel certain truths behind veganism and demystifying some myths and truths!

Meatout :- 20th March, 2015

An international campaign started by the Farm Animal Rights Movement in the United States, this campaign focused on leaving out ‘Meat’ from your diets for one day! In India however, we used the opportunity to popularise the word ‘Vegan’, and asked people to go Vegan for a day instead! From delightful food tasting sessions, pop quizzes about veganism to simple leafleting, 7 cities celebrated World Meatout Day, reaching out to about 1500 people! We even ran a small social media campaign called ‘Reasons to go Vegan’, popularising interesting facts and stories about plant based diets!

The Bigger Picture: Animals5
and Us:- 20-22nd February

The connection between veganism and animal rights is obvious. However, sometimes that makes it easy to forget how the ills of factory farming affect almost every facet of our life- from environmental issues such as global warming and water pollution, to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and some cancers, the truth is much bigger and vicious than it seems. To bring the same to light, we ran, ‘The Bigger Picture: Animals and Us’. Using video screening as our primary tool, we aimed to bring about a comprehensive understanding of the impact of our food choices. As expected, the response was huge! Once unaware, many people vowed to at least go Veg, to impact their health as well as their carbon footprint! The campaign took place in 15 cities and reached out to 3000 people!

Ijanf slaughterhouses had glass walls…an exhibition tour:- January 2015

Neatly packed meat on cold storage shelves are making it increasingly difficult to think of animal products as something that was once alive and suffering. In essence, the cruelty behind the breeding, transport and slaughterhouse industry rarely come to common public sight. Famous Beatles singer Paul McCartney had once said, ‘If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.’ It was upon that very idea that this campaign was built – putting in public view the reality of the animal food industry, the campaign used boards to showcase animals just before or after slaughter. Carried out in 4 cities in India – the campaign generated great coverage in papers such as the Navbharat Times, Deccan Herald and many more!

World Meatless Day:- 25th Picture6November, 2014

Started in 1986 by the Sadhu Vaswani Misson, 25th November is now commonly celebrated as International Meatless Day. A simple event, we’d set up a target of reaching out to 10,000 people with our big pledge signing drive. We surpassed our own mark by 50% reaching out to 15000 people in 12 cities across India with this campaign! Lending a voice to this cause, the Nature’s Co. and Omved collaborated with us in Bangalore and Mumbai to host the event!

fiapoLiving Free:- Gandhigiri for Animals
2nd October,2014

The idea of animal rights is essentially an idea of non-violence and compassion. Keeping this Gandhian ideology in mind, we united our cities to spread the message of Gandhigiri for Animals! Donning little Gandhian caps, the country celebrated Gandhi Jayanti for animals by conducting a range of programmes from stall set ups and leafleting to signing pledges! Nine cities participated in the event reaching out to over 4000 people with a message of compassion!

Living Free on the go:-8
August, 2014

India is brimming with people who are eager to help animals lead better lives. However, they face multiple road blocks ranging from motivational issues of what can be done and how to do it, to material demands of leaflets, stalls etc… Leafleting is a fun easy and effective tool to start off outreach in many such cases. Living Free on the go aimed to inspire more and more people to help animals by simply spreading a message of conscious consumption. Touring all over India, meeting people in different cities and leafleting with them is what this campaign celebrated. Coimbatore, Lucknow, Mysore, Surat and many others joined us in our national campaign, bringing the total number of Living Free cities to 12!

22Just Say No!
May, 2014

FIAPO launched this two week long campaign to assimilate support for chickens and to sensitize consumers to the perplexed state of lakhs of chickens suffering in factory farms. Humanising chickens by sharing relevant content formed the root of this campaign. This online drive helped gather good traction, spreading the message of veganism far and wide!

Respect for Chickens23
May, 2014

With a 2 billion large chicken industry in India alone, chickens stand as one of the most abused species on earth. Every year the 4th of May celebrates compassion towards our domestic fowl. FIAPO ran an online campaign propagating the conditions and life of chickens. Interesting tips and tricks to reduce and give up consumption of chicken were also shared!

Day of Living Free:-24
12th April, 2014

Our first campaign together 5 cities on one day, the Day of Living Free celebrated oneness, unity and strength. Preceded by a tour of the five cities, readying them for outreach, this campaign united Jaipur, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Pune and Chennai. Sensitizing people to the rights of animals and giving up on animal products, thereby “living free” was the chief ask of this campaign.

If you’d like to join our living free programme, just drop in a mail at priyanka@fiapo.org and we’ll get started!

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