Animal farming affects each one of us. It affects our environment, our health and our animals. Donate to save animals of the cruelty regularly inflicted upon them. 

Through Living Free, we aim to be a voice of the voiceless at a time when profit motives soar high above moral scruples. It is only with the continuous support of people like you that we can keep up the good fight. So please donate today! Remember, no gift is too small and your contribution can go a long way in ensuring a good and healthy life for animals.

You can choose to make a single donation now, or make a regular donation that will continue to make a difference.

Regular Gift Single Gift
Rs. 100 – cover cost of 500 one page leaflets. Rs. 500 – Print one event banner
Rs. 500 – Cover the cost of 1000 Living Free booklets Rs. 1000 – Organise one leafleting session
Rs. 1000 – support one city to organise 12 leafleting sessions Rs. 5000 – Conduct a vegan potluck

To make the donation, click here It will direct you to FIAPO’s website. The Living Free campaign is an initiative of FIAPO.

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