conscious consumption

Tell us what sort of an event you’d like to host in your city and we’ll help you with the rest. From posters and leaflets to brainstorming ideas, we’ll plan the event with you! You’re free to be as creative as you want – start a bikeathon, or a street play, host an event or a seminar, or do a simple tabling event.

Get in touch with local coordinators based on your location to start outreach today!

1) Write to for any suggestions, assistance or help in the North and East of India. Currently ,we’re present in the following cites in this region :-

2) Write to for any suggestions, assistance or help in the West of India. Currently, we’re present in the following cites in this region:-


3) Write to for any suggestions, assistance or help in Central India. Currently ,we’re present in the following cites in this region :-


4) Write to for any suggestions, assistance or help in the South of India. Currently ,we’re present in the following cites in this region :-



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