FIAPO firmly believes in the contribution of local leadership to ensure the sustained success and growth of the animal rights movement of India and will assist the Leaders by providing support, materials, grants, training and access to national networks. Support from FIAPO will be made available through a regional coordinator who will assist in all local activities and initiatives.

community leaders

FIAPO Community Leaders are required to, at a minimum, organise and lead outreach events in their cities and reach out to at least 1000 people each month. Leaders are also encouraged to participate in other animal rights initiatives in their cities across all issues of animals in food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment and on the street.

FIAPO Community Leaders are the front runners of the animal rights community in India. They are people, who have dedicated years of their life in the service of animals. For this particular project, they are also individuals who possess great outreach skills and a stellar capability to grow, learn and add to the movement.
FIAPO thus invites applications to choose the best of the best to lead the country’s animal rights movement through its Community Leader programme.*

Fill in the form below for the chance to add a new chapter of growth and development today!

Yes, I will make a difference in the lives of animals in India. I support FIAPO’s mission to end the suffering of all animals.

Selection as a community leader is an application based process, the decisions of which are based on skill,diversity, experience and other factors. Only select participants will become a part of the community leadership programme.

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