There are countless ways by which you can involve yourself in the Living Free progamme in India. If you love animals and believe that each life is worth saving, then Living Free is for you! We promote outreach and educational activities for reducing animal consumption across India and inspire people to get active in a variety of ways!


Logo & website files

How we work

Living Free builds the strength of a community to respond to animal rights issues while raising awareness for a more animal friendly world.
For any and every activity that you may want to pursue, we offer all types of resources ranging from materials such as leaflets, brochures, badges, stickers to training and guidance on running events smoothly – through our ‘light – touch support’ approach we ensure that individuals grow and learn to become champions for the animal rights movement in India. We also offer small grants to cover general costs of outreach. In brief, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that outreaching for Living Free is a pleasant, fun and enriching experience for you!

What we will give What you will give

Support and Advice

Opportunities and Time
Posters, leaflets and materials Outreach and more!
National campaigns Connections and growth to the movement!


How can I ‘Get Active’?

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